I am currently (Jan 2016) a researcher and master inventor at IBM TJ Watson Research Center in New York, where I also lead the awesome Cloud Monitoring, Operational/DevOps Analytics team. I unfortunately do a pretty poor job of keeping things up to date here, so please see my blog and twitter feed for recent news. Nowadays, I am working at the intersection of cloud and analytics. My broader interests also include virtualization, energy-efficient systems from data centers to microarchitectures. I also dabbled with robotics and sensing, and loved it. I hope to do more work on those again soon. You can see my equally out of date my IBM Research webpage and our group's page for details of my work.

Prior to IBM, I was a senior member of technical staff in the R&D Performance Group at VMware, Palo Alto, where I worked on scalability and performance of virtualization management and in particular Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) and Distributed Power Management (DPM).

I did my Ph.D. in the Electrical Engineering Department - Computer Engineering area at Princeton University. At Princeton, I was a member of the Parapet Research Group, working with Prof Margaret Martonosi on microarchitectural and system-level techniques for workload-adaptive power management. During my PhD, I have also worked in the Reliability and Power-aware Microarchitectures Group at IBM TJ Watson Research Center in New York and the Platform Capabilities Lab at Intel Research in Oregon.

Before Princeton, I was a graduate student in University of Westminster, London, as the recipient of the British Council Millennium Scholarship. There I received my MSc with distinction on VLSI system design. I received my BS from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, in electrical engineering, and I graduated from Izmir Fen Lisesi (Izmir Science High School) before that.

My research interests include computer architecture, architectural and real-system techniques for power management, virtualization, and distributed resource management. My research focuses on adaptive, resource-efficient and power-aware computing across many levels of computing systems, from microarchitectures to large-scale data centers. I am very interested in emerging green technologies, cloud computing, and large-scale virtualization, and the changes in computing that are driven bu these trends. My prior areas of research include runtime power, performance and thermal modeling/measurement, workload phase analysis and its applications, and workload-adaptive management for multiprocessor architectures, running systems and data centers. You can find a lot more information on these in my research and publications pages.

I am originally from Izmir, on the west Aegean Sea coast of Turkey, where I spent most of my life until college. Since then I have been living around Ankara, London, Princeton, New York, Oregon Pennsylvania and California. I am currently back in New York/New Jersey area. I am a big soccer fan, and enjoy both playing and following the major competitions. I also like playing basketball and tennis, although I never seem to get any good at the latter. I have recently started on making time-lapse movies. You can see some of these in my Youtube channel.

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