P4 Power Model Details:

The Power Server side of the project does the raw counter information collection and sends over ethernet to Power Client, which performs component power estimation. Real power measurement branch collects processor power consumption info via the current probe and plugs to DMM that connects to Power Client via RS232. Power Client also generates the runtime Total Power Monitor that synchronously plots measured total power and our estimation real nicely, over a sliding time window of 100s; and runtime Component Power Breakdown Monitor that plots the component powers as bargraphs at each sample point, with the numerical values floating on top. With this framework and our access heuristics and empirical power estimations, we can quite accurately estimate unit-wise and total processor power consumption for arbitrarily long application runtimes.

This is pretty much how I had imagined this, I wanted to have: "click on any component bar and its power vs time trace pops up and starts also plotting this" feature, which would be amazing, but I don't have the know-how or time for that now.

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