These are the PhD courses I have taken at Princeton:

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MAE423 Heat Transfer
Course ID:MAE423_S2003
Instructor(s):Sergey Macheret

Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEE525 Applied Numerical methods
Course ID: CEE525_S2004
Instructor(s):Yin (July) Young

Computer Science

COS423 Theory of Algorithms
Course ID:COS423_S2002
Instructor(s):Robert Tarjan

COS590-APC590 Computational Methods & their Applications across Disciplines
Course ID:COS590-APC590_S2004
Instructor(s):Jaswinder Pal Singh

Electrical Engineering

ELE101 Computing for a Mobile World (TA)
Course ID: ELE101_S2003
Instructor(s):Margaret Martonosi

ELE375 Computing Structures (TA)
Course ID:ELE375-COS471_F2002
Instructor(s):Margaret Martonosi

ELE475 Computer Architecture
Course ID: ELE475_F2001
Instructor(s):Ruby Lee

ELE465 Switching and Sequential Systems
Course ID:ELE465_F2001
Instructor(s):Sun-Yuan Kung

ELE 577 Low Power IC and System Design
Course ID:ELE577_F2001
Instructor(s):Niraj Jha
Project Advisor: Margaret Martonosi

ELE580 Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering: Interconnection Networks
Course ID:ELE580_S2003
Instructor(s):Li-Shiuan Peh

ELE580B Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering: Cellular and Biochemical Computing Systems
Course ID:ELE580B_S2002
Instructor(s):Ron Weiss

ELE580U Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering: Ubiquitous Information Systems
Course ID:ELE580U-COS598U_S2002
Instructor(s):Perry Cook
Project Advisor: Randy Wang


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