Hello all, a revision on this site is long due. For the time being I will at least revise this landing page. I am an electrical/computer engineer by background. I am currently a research staff member at IBM TJ Watson Research center in the Agents and Emergent Phenomena Group. My ibm webpage is here: IBM webpage. Before IBM, I was at VMware, in the R&D Performance group working primarily on DRS & DPM performance. I did my Ph.D. in the Electrical Engineering Department - Computer Engineering area at Princeton University. At Princeton, I was a member of the Parapet Research Group, working with Prof Margaret Martonosi on power-aware computing.

My research interests include computer architectures, real-system techniques and virtualization technologies that focus mostly on adaptive and power-aware computing. I am very interested in how the emerging green technologies, cloud, and large-scale virtualization initiatives will shape the future of computing. My prior areas of research include runtime power and thermal modeling/measurement, workload phase analysis and its applications, and workload-adaptive management for multiprocessor architectures, running systems and data centers. You can find a lot more information on these in my research and publications pages.

I am originally from Izmir, Turkey, where I spent most of my young(er) life. I have lived in Ankara during my college years. I moved to London, UK after college and moved to the US afterwards, where I have lived in NJ, NY, OR and CA on occasion. I am currently back in NY.

This is how my wordle looks like: bc


I am actively involved in eEnergy 2010:


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