NEWS/Recent Updates on Computers:

Below are some of the interesting news/web releases about the current state of research and products related to computer architectures, low-power, semiconductors, technology challenges and some miscallenea. Also a chronology of Cnet articles on the power-aware transmeta over years at the end.
Goes usually in chronological order for each topic.
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Big changes ahead for microprocessors | CNET [2001] article on the future of microprocessors: Power, interconnects, CMP, SMT, leakage...
ACM Queue - The Future of Microprocessors - The transition to chip multiprocessors is inevitable. Are you prepared to leverage their power? [2005] article by Kunle Olukotun and Lance Hammond: CMP, power, throughput computing/TLP, parallelizing threads (// programming) with much more acceptable communication costs for latency, transactional memory. Tiny benefits await via deeper pipes, ILP/scale-up.
AnandTech: Interview with AMD's Fred Weber - The Future of AMD Microprocessors [2005] article: More about single threaded performance/latency. Memory, helper threads, instr-n combining (Uop fusion of Pentium M)
IBM: Moore's Law not dead after all [2006] IBM's TC Chen, says Moore's law will go for ~10 more years at devices side at ISSCC. What does ITRS say?
Real World Technologies - A Historical Look at the VAX: The Economics of Microprocessors [Part I] [2006] John Mashey's compiled overview of processors economics and the relevant history.**
Turn Down the Heat ... Please - 7/7/2006 - Electronic News [2006] (Need Overview)
At IDF, Intel touts core competencies | CNET [2006] (Need Overview)
Chipmakers add up their advances | CNET [2006] (Need Overview)
'The world needs only five computers' | Newsmakers | CNET [2006] (Need Overview) - Multicore faces a long road - Five disruptive technologies to watch in 2007
Year in review: In chips, a new balance of power | CNET
ACM Queue - A Conversation with John Hennessy and David Patterson - The Berkeley-Stanford duo who wrote the book (literally) on computer architecture discuss current innovations and future challenges.
Tom's Hardware Guide Processors: CPU Charts 2006
Intel eyes the future of Itanium | Newsmakers | CNET
Moore's Law, The Future - Technology & Research at Intel
Multicore, virtualization, and a shrinking server market: maybe, or maybe not - Keynote: How multicore will reshape computing - IBM CEO Palmisano: Client-server computing is dead
IBM Press room - 2007-05-03 Made in IBM Labs: 10 Chip Breakthroughs in 10 Years - United States - Low-power IC design techniques may perturb the entire flow
AnandTech: AMD - The Road Ahead - Intel's Borkar sees thousands of small cores in your future Industry Roadmap: Your virtualization industry tracking system
Real World Technologies - In-Depth Technical Analyses And Help For Professionals's Virtualization Industry Radar | The definitive database of virtualization vendors and products
Virtualization Industry Survey 2008: The results - Part 1 |
AnandTech 2008 Top Innovations

Intel's accidental revolution | CNET
IBM Press room - 2005-12-14 IBM Takes Next Step in Opening Power Architecture to Research and Education Community - United States
AMD vs. Intel: AMD Challenges Intel to a Dual-Core Duel - Via debuts chipset for own processor
Sun will be seeing double with Niagara II | The Register - Sun to open-source Niagara processor Verilog code
Itanium: A cautionary tale | CNET
Sun "opens" up Niagara
Sun makes Niagara an open-source chip | CNET
Sun unleashes Niagara servers | CNET
Happy Birthday to the single-chip | | CNET
New Set of Servers Announced by Sun - New York Times
Intel® Pentium® D Processor Product Information
Cramming for your finals, Sun?
$100 laptop expected in late 2006 | CNET
Slashdot | Intel Dropping Pentium Brand
Slashdot | New iMac disassembled
Intel unwraps 65nm 'Presler', 'Cedar Mill' | The Register
Intel prices up 65nm dual, single-core 'Yonah' | The Register
'Sossaman' launches as 'low-voltage' Xeon DP | The Register
Intel confirms 'Core' branding | Channel Register
Intel Macs stay at non-Intel prices | Channel Register
Intel readies 65nm 'Yonah'-based Celeron M 4xx series | The Register
Intel 'Santa Rosa' Centrino to sport 800MHz FSB | The Register
Intel Core Duo T2700 to bring VT to Centrino? | The Register
Intel readies 65nm Celeron D CPUs | The Register
VIA ships 90nm Eden low-power processor | The Register
iMac 17" Core Duo : Page 1
AMD's long-term microprocessor strategy
Intel scraps once-crucial Itanium feature | CNET
Intel answers Itanium mystery with riddle | The Register
Cell processor goes commando | The Register
Intel ships 1m 65nm dual-core chips | Reg Hardware
Sun switches back to blades in '06 | The Register
The Ars Technica Motherboard Guide: Part I — motherboard fundamentals : Page 1
AMD market share reaches 20 percent
IBM Power5+ launch coming next week | | CNET
Slashdot | The World's Fastest Image Processor
IBM goes networking and chip mad with new blade lineup | The Register
IBM bringing gaming chip to blade servers | CNET
SGI delisted, becomes penny stock | Channel Register
SGI warns that bankruptcy might be year-end option | Channel Register
Chips that really get under your skin | CNET
I.B.M. Unveils Server Line That Uses Game Chips - New York Times - ARM clockless core cuts power to about a third
Intel offers four-core trip to Clovertown | The Register
Intel shows off its quad core | CNET
Intel® Core™ Duo Delivered to Embedded Market
IBM Press room - 2006-02-14 IBM Shatters Computing Price Performance Barrier With New High Performance POWER5+(TM) Server - United States
AMD preps low-power desktop processors | Channel Register - IBM flexes Power4 as it ships Regatta servers - Five things you didn't know about dual-core MPUs
Linux boots on Sun's Niagara chip | CNET
Intel strikes back with next-generation chips | CNET
The week in Intel: Conroe, ultraportable plans for 2006
Tux-shaped computer runs Linux
Transmeta still in it for the LongRun | | CNET
Transmeta still in it for the LongRun | | CNET - Transmeta signs long-term deal with Toshiba
Sun frowns on HyperTransport expansion | CNET - IBM debuts FPU for PowerPC
Sun says, 'No THX' to HTX | The Register
HP launching Montecito servers--without Montecito | CNET
Intel to tout new dual-core Xeon at IDF | CNET - Asynchronous designs bend theCLOCK - Virtual system prototypes ease design - AMD introduces Opteron dual-core processor
Partnership set to run RISC software on Intel chips | CNET - Intel taps Transitive for Itanium, Xeon boost
Processor, memory may marry in future computers | CNET
Intel spills beans on UMPC | Reg Hardware - AMD narrows dual-core Turion ship date
Coming Sooner Than You Think: Intel Next-Generation Enterprise Platforms
Energy-Efficient, High Performing and Stylish Intel-Based Computers to Come with Intel® Core™ Microarchitecture - Intel tips new, revamped microarchitecture
Intel demonstrates quad-core PC, server | CNET
Intel's new 'Core' could gore AMD | The Register - Intel discloses 'Santa Rosa' mobile platform
Intel puts on multi-core peep show | The Register
Intel plans low-voltage 'Woodcrest' server chip | CNET
Intel lines up Santa Rosa, WiMax for notebooks | CNET
New Intel quad-core chips are really double duo-cores | CNET
Intel covets Rosetta's cross-platform powers for Itanium
Why Intel doesn't include a memory controller on its chips | | CNET
Big Itanium change coming with 'Poulson' | CNET
Intel confirms H1 '07 next-gen Centrino debut | Reg Hardware
AnandTech: Spring IDF 2006 Conroe Preview: Intel Regains the Performance Crown
Intel and Transitive team on RISC gender bender | The Register
opensparc-t1: Download OpenSPARC T1
A Look at Centrino's Core: The Pentium M : Page 1
Into the Core: Intel's next-generation microarchitecture : Page 1
AMD to focus on Turion brand for 65nm mobile CPUs? | Reg Hardware
IBM, Rapport's Kilocore, and reconfigurable computing
Slashdot | ARM Offers First Clockless Processor Core
IBM bakes security into processors | CNET
Sun plans new thin client, Niagara update | | CNET
'Yonah' Celeron M 420, 430 ship in Japan | Reg Hardware
Sun sells second low-end 'Niagara' server | CNET
Run Windows and Your Mac Simultaneously - New York Times
Samsung prepares to ship first Origami PC
Montecito broadens Fujitsu Itanium line | CNET
Group Nears Record Deal for Chip Maker - New York Times
Mac sales up 12 percent as Apple profits soar | CNET
Intel quad-core chips arriving in 2006 | CNET
Intel launches major reorganization | CNET
The Gap chairman leaving Sun board | CNET
Merom crashing Intel's Core 2 Duo launch event | CNET
AMD whacks processor prices | | CNET
AMD to shell out $5.4 billion for ATI | CNET
IBM boosts high-end Unix servers | CNET
AMD unleashes next-generation Opteron chips | CNET
Intel shows off new 'Tulsa' Xeon | CNET
Dell, AMD expected to expand chip pact | CNET
Intel readies 'Tulsa' Xeon debut | CNET
Sun recoups server market share | CNET - Chip, heal thyself
Intel to complete Core 2 Duo launch on Monday | | CNET
Intel expected to cut thousands of jobs | CNET
AnandTech: NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 (G80): GPUs Re-architected for DirectX 10
Sun's plan for open-source chips bears fruit | CNET
EMC acquires Network Intelligence | CNET
AMD's CTO says Intel messed up | Newsmakers | CNET
Intel to sell new Itanium servers | CNET
Intel to extend x86 for new tasks | CNET
Intel's next-gen notebooks to feature Nokia chip | CNET
Intel opens up chip connections | CNET
Intel wants to offer servers in your size | CNET
IBM's Power6 gets help with math, multimedia | CNET
Photo: AMD's 'Barcelona' processor | CNET
Sun, Fujitsu promise Sparc speed surge | CNET
Intel pounds a new nail in chip-frequency coffin | | CNET
Intel, HP to unveil quad-core chips | | CNET
Sun to unveil data center in a box | CNET
SGI exits bankruptcy protection | CNET
NEC announces new vector supercomputer | CNET
HP regains spot as No. 1 PC maker worldwide | CNET
Transitive hires marketing VP | CNET
Intel shows off sweet 16 server | CNET
Dell debuts first two AMD servers | CNET
AMD folds in ATI for graphics future | CNET
Intel's quad-core chip powerful but pricey | CNET
Dell slips out another AMD notebook | | CNET
IBM to release quad-core Intel servers | CNET
Cray to introduce new Opteron supercomputer | CNET
A $100 laptop prototype for $150 | CNET
Nvidia rolls out speedy 3D graphics hardware | CNET
When 'good enough' graphics won't do | Newsmakers | CNET
Sun knocked out of DARPA supercomputer project | CNET
Welcome to [ Article: NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 (G80): GPUs Re-architected for DirectX 10]
AnandTech: NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 (G80): GPUs Re-architected for DirectX 10
AnandTech: Introducing the Radeon X1650 XT: A New Mainstream GPU from ATI
AnandTech: Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX6700: The Multi-core Era Begins
AMD's 65nm dual-core Athlons to debut 5 December? | Reg Hardware
AMD 'R600' DirectX 10 GPU spied on web | Reg Hardware
Intel samples 45nm 'Penryn' | Reg Hardware
AMD Quad FX debuts in Japanese four-GPU PC | Reg Hardware
AnandTech: AMD's Quad FX: Technically Quad Core
AMD blasts off Quad for PC DIYers | CNET
AMD demonstrates its quad-core server chip | | CNET - Graphics chip giant looks beyond the desktop - Nvidia pushes out graphics IC for iPod - AMD leapfrogs Intel with quad-core server MPU - Ericsson, Intel collaborate to push mobile broadband
AMD's QuadFX (a.k.a. 4x4) disappoints
Marvell ships Intel's gigahertz-capable XScale CPU | Reg Hardware
AMD demos four-core Opteron | Reg Hardware
Nvidia warned off releasing integrated Intel chipsets early | Reg Hardware
Sun: Niagara sequel more power-efficient | CNET - Tensilica rolls 'drop-in' video processor engines - Qualcomm aims to rival Intel in laptop connectivity
Intel demos integrated WiMAX chip
AMD moves to 65nm
A quick look at AMD's quad-core Barcelona
AMD Unveils Barcelona Quad-Core Details
AMD quad-core Barcelona laid bare
K8L Architecture on the 65nm SOI Process Technology in Quad-Core Processors Already in Q2 2007?
AnandTech: OCZ Flex XLC: PC2-9200 Pushes the Envelope
AnandTech: AMD's 65nm Brisbane Core Previewed: The most energy efficient AMD CPU to date
AnandTech: AMD Socket-F Opteron vs. Intel Woodcrest
What's next for AMD? - How Microsoft botched the Ultra-Mobile PC
HTC UMPC revealed on web | Reg Hardware
AMD opens next-gen chip tech think-tank | Reg Hardware
AnandTech: AMD's 65nm Preview Part 2 - The Plot Thickens (Updated with Information from AMD)
A quick look at AMD's 65nm Athlon 64 X2 processors - The Tech Report - Page 1
AnandTech: Quad Core Intel Xeon 53xx Clovertown
A peek at faster Power6, Cell chips | CNET
Real World Technologies - FPF 2005: P.A. Semi's PA6T-1682M System on a Chip
SanDisk introduces 32GB Flash-based notebook drive
Intel adds 'Wolfdale', 'Yorkfield' to desktop roadmap | Reg Hardware
Sony to bring Flash-only UMPC to US | Reg Hardware
Intel introduces new quad-core chips
Sun Solaris gets new partitioning feature | CNET - Intel builds 80-core chip
Intel completes 45nm 'Wolfdale', 'Yorkfield' architecture | Reg Hardware
Intel announces 45nm process, profit shortfalls, and fab sell-offs - HP's chip research extends Moore's Law, fuels growth
Sun speeds Niagara servers | CNET - Sun throws Rock, preps 10G Ethernet
Google Planning Two Huge S.C. Facilities? - Data Center Knowledge
Sun servers heading back to Intel chips | CNET - Sun-Intel MPU deal puts heat on AMD - With Intel deal, Sun joins "chip-agnostic" trend
Intel searching for graphics-processing talent | | CNET
Intel to return to discrete GPU arena | Reg Hardware
Why Sun invited Intel to the party | Perspectives | CNET
Intel jobs page tips GPU plans
Intel speeds up delivery of faster Wi-Fi | CNET - AMD unveils two more mobile processors
Sun's 'Rock' chip: Lots of threads, but how many? | | CNET - Israeli startup readies multicore processor - In battle with AMD, Intel gets its groove back
Intel shows off Penryn chips | CNET
Intel exposes 45nm Core 2 Duo | Reg Hardware - Synopsys sub-licenses PowerPC cores - AMD targets notebooks with Fusion processors
Real World Technologies - An Introduction to Multiprocessor Systems
Supercomputing Online - Homepage for the World’s High-performance Computing, Networking & Storage Professionals
Real World Technologies - Fall Processor Forum 2006: IBM's POWER6 - Heard on the beat: StrongARM spied in iPhone?
Intel won't launch 45nm desktop CPUs until 2008? | Reg Hardware
Low-powered Power chips percolating out | CNET
Intel readies x86 system-on-a-chip as XScale successor | Reg Hardware
Intel's coming embedded play
A new dawn for remote management? A first glimpse at Intel's vPro platform : Page 1
A new dawn for remote management? A first glimpse at Intel's vPro platform : Page 1
'Timna' - Intel's first system-on-a-chip | Reg Hardware
P.A. Semi samples new PowerPC chip
Sun dual-Niagara servers due in 2008 | CNET - CEO confirms 'at least three' ARM processors in iPhone - Nokia uses Infineon chip for entry-level phones - Processor family heads for sub-$5,000 firewall market - AMD rolls three low-power Opteron processors
Intel's GPU plans could include extending x86 ISA
AMD's 'Barcelona' cuts power one core at a time | Reg Hardware
Windows "Vienna": hypervisor being considered - Intel's teraflops chip uses mesh architecture to emulate mainframe
IBM unveils POWER6 microprocessor details
Intel describes 80-core Teraflop chip
IBM's Power6: Bigger iron, lower power | CNET
At ISSCC, the circuit set makes connections | CNET
Sun's Niagara2
PA Semi's 2GHz wonder chip
Xinhua - English
At ISSCC, the circuit set makes connections | CNET
IBM updates Power server, Linux marketing | CNET
eDRAM: IBM's new solution for CPU cache
D-Wave demonstrates quantum computer... or a black box in a fridge : Page 1
New NVIDIA compiler lets developers offload math functions to GPU - AMD introduces energy-efficient chips
Two visions for delivering PCs to emerging nations | CNET
Intel Research Advances 'Era Of Tera'
Meet the World's First 45nm Processor
The AMD 690G: first fruits of AMD/ATI merger
What's so hard about doing non-graphics programming on a GPU? - AMD Launches First Combo Chipset From ATI Acquisition - Freescale to add code protection to StarCore
AnandTech: AMD 690G: Technology Overview - AMD tips quad-core performance - Intel to upgrade workstation chipset, up clock speed of quad-core Processor
Intel, AMD vie for server attention | CNET
AnandTech: Barcelona Architecture: AMD on the Counterattack
AMD demos Barcelona, claims 42% floating-point edge vs. Xeon - Leon processor gets Linux SMP support
Microsoft's new architect faces the future - Multiprocessor startup reportedly raises $20 million
AMD CEO talks about revenue slump, product plans - ARM tips plans for next-generation processor
Nvidia set to put G84, G86 up against AMD RV630? | Reg Hardware - DSPs to go multicore
Apple 'MacBook Mini' to lose HDD, gain Flash? | Reg Hardware - Intel unveils two low-voltage server processors
Seagate ships hard drives with encryption | CNET - Intel unveils first solid-state drives
Intel 'Robson' Flash cache reborn as USB unit | Reg Hardware
Intel gets into the flash hard drive game
SanDisk intros internal Flash drive for laptops | Reg Hardware
Fujitsu LifeBook gets flash option
Intel touts ultramobile chip for UMPCs
Motion-sensing comes to mobile phones | CNET
IBM announces 160Gbps optical networking chip - MIPS licenses ST, expands China R&D center
AnandTech: Intel: More Details on Penryn and Nehalem - Intel to begin 45-nm production in second half
Intel spills beans on Core 2 successor: SSE4, faster virtualization, bigger caches
Intel to complete AMD impression in 2008 | Reg Hardware
Intel drops a Nehalem bomb on AMD's Fusion: integrated graphics, on-die memory controller, SMT
PeakStream expands graphics chip programming | CNET - Intel unveils new microarchitecture
Quad-core heading to NEC's resilient servers | CNET - Dearth of tools could stall multicore onslaught
Beyond the teraflops: Why Intel really put 80 cores on a single chip: Page 1
Sun's new chip group welcomes first customer | CNET
Sun speeds UltraSparc, but some analysts see trouble | CNET - Intel rolls quad-core CPUs for embedded computing
Intel to launch 'Steeley' UMPC CPU on 18 April? | Reg Hardware
Samsung pitches 'ultra-silent' HDD | Reg Hardware
Seagate ships hardware-encrypted notebook drives | Reg Hardware
New beer in wine bottles: NVIDIA to rebrand G80 as supercomputer chip
Intel 'Robson' renamed Turbo Memory | Reg Hardware - Nvidia to enter high-end computing market - Embedded joins multicore parade
Intel to announce the next Ultra-mobile PC design
AnandTech: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800: The Fastest Desktop CPU, now with more cores
Game developers adapt to multicore world | CNET - Intel tools support multicore CPUs
AMD's 65nm GPU: why the future of GPUs is smaller, faster, cooler - IBM readies direct chip-to-chip links
AnandTech: Intel Developer Forum - Beijing 2007: Penryn and Intel's High End GPU
Intel's chips taking on new work | CNET - Intel shifts chips to consumer electronics
Intel's Spring IDF brings details on Penryn and SoC plans - Intel rolls media processor
Intel introduces ultra-mobile PC platform | Reg Hardware
AnandTech: Intel Penryn Performance Preview: The Fastest gets Faster - Intel cranks 45nm ultramobile CPU
Hitachi touts small drives for big business | CNET
My free financial advice for AMD | Perspectives | CNET - Multicore platform provider wins $10M - x86 Linux apps to run native on IBM System p
IBM Unix servers get x86 Linux apps | CNET
Analysts confirm ugliness of AMD's Q1 | Reg Hardware
Tech news blog - U. Texas to unveil its supercomputer on a chip | CNET
Dell to fit laptops with Flash drives | Reg Hardware - University plans TRIPS processor 'unveiling'
AnandTech: New Ultra High End Price Point With GeForce 8800 Ultra
Tech news blog - Nvidia's latest 3D card sets records, breaks banks. | CNET - Intel grabs lead in dull graphics market - AMD on track for Barcelona quad-core - Intel predicts $30B next-gen notebook market - Intel roadmap stretches from quad cores to mobile Internet
AMD touts Barcelona, 45nm plans in the face of losses - Samsung ships second-generation ultramobile PC
Helio Ocean: First impressions | Crave : The gadget blog
Samsung: This Q1 goes one better | CNET
RapidMind 2.0 looks for GPGPU gold in parallel workloads - RapidMind developer platform boosts performance up to 30X
Apple invents novel back-to-front iPod control | Reg Hardware
Will Barcelona cure what ails AMD?: Page 1
AMD goes quad-core with Phenom | CNET - AMD leapfrogs Nvidia with graphics chip
AnandTech: AMD Names Athlon's Successor: Phenom
AnandTech: DDR3 vs. DDR2
IBM to debut Power6 servers Tuesday | Tech news blog - CNET
AnandTech: AMD's Next-Generation Mobile Architecture Revealed: Griffin
AnandTech: AMD's UVD Debacle
IBM introduces Power6 chip | CNET - IBM claims speed lead with Power6 server - Intel gives deep dive on Penryn CPUs
IBM's POWER6 flies the coop at 4.7GHz
AMD shows sunny side of Barcelona | CNET - MIPS tips new 32-bit MPU core
Intel: Software needs to heed Moore's Law | CNET - AMD, Micron to go private, says report
Microsoft hopes 'Milan' table PC has magic touch | CNET
How the 'Milan' table PC was born | CNET
HP says no to Intel's Turbo Memory | CNET
Clearing up the confusion over Intel's Larrabee, part II
AMD: Barcelona on time, but Budapest slips | Tech news blog - CNET - Google acquires multicore programming startup
NVIDIA on the highwire: the GeForce 8800 and beyond: Page 1 - Via touts business card sized UMPC platform
Intel discrete GPU due Q2 08? | Reg Hardware
Analysts: 1 Billion PCs in use by end of 2008 | Tech news blog - CNET - Intel details R&D on multi-core
Cache and memory in the many-core era: Page 1
Inside AMD's next-generation mobile architecture: Griffin and Puma: Page 1
Intel readies massive multicore processors | CNET - Intel tips new details on Itanium
AnandTech: Investigating Intel's Turbo Memory: Does it really work?
Nvidia GPGPU line sparks into life with Tesla | Reg Hardware
NVIDIA takes on the supercomputing market with Tesla
Nvidia to beat AMD to release on-the-fly GPU switching tech? | Reg Hardware
IBM supercomputer Blue Gene /P breaks petaflop record
Nvidia's Hybrid SLI: Power when you need it, efficiency when you don't | Tech news blog - CNET
AMD's Barcelona delayed until August - AMD's Barcelona hits 2 GHz in August
New personal computer design wins Microsoft competition
AnandTech: Apple's iPhone Dissected: We did it, so you don't have to
AnandTech: Apple's iPhone: The Future is Here - Intel, AMD redesign MPUs for faster servers - AMD invests $7.5 million in Transmeta
AMD invests $7.5 million in Transmeta | CNET
AMD announces $7.5 million Transmeta investment
IBM performs AIX6 peep show | The Register
Intel and OLPC kiss and make up | Tech news blog - CNET
AMD's, Intel's fortunes diverge over past year | CNET
NEC and Stratus in fault-tolerant server threesome | The Register
AMD goes after AppleTV | The Register
Intel roadmaps laptop-friendly 45nm CPUs | Reg Hardware
$298 Wal-Mart PC features, no crapware
LeftHand brews up IP SAN software | The Register
USB goes Wireless | The Register
EMC profit rises with increased demand | The Register
IBM's Roadrunner set to smash supercomputing marks | CNET
IBM reveals core-to-core optical dream in progress - IBM hails on-chip optical communications R&D - Tool speeds apps on multi-core Intel, AMD chips
Intel's 45nm Penryn/Yorkfield architecture packs serious punch - 'Native' quad core joins X86 fray
Intel boosts Itanium line with Montvale - Intel details 45-nm Penryn benchmark data
AnandTech: AMD's 3rd generation Opteron versus Intel's 45nm Xeon: a closer look - Partitioning applications across multiple cores - AMD, Intel at it again, as both take aim at SoC - AMD's eight-core 'Montreal' due in 2009
AnandTech: Overclocking Intel's New 45nm QX9650: The Rules Have Changed
AnandTech: Intel's Menlow Revealed: Baby Centrino Gets Ready - Intel, Sun, TI debut hot chips at ISSCC
NVIDIA snaps up physics processing company Ageia
Small wonder: inside Intel's Silverthorne ultramobile CPU - Nvidia buys gaming software, hardware maker Ageia
Silent start-up readies to take on Intel in notebooks | CNET - Sun delays Rock processor by a year
AnandTech: NVIDIA Acquires AGEIA: Enlightenment and the Death of the PPU - Multicore puts screws to parallel-programming models
AnandTech: Intel's Silverthorne Unveiled: Detailing Baby Centrino
AnandTech: AMD's CrossFireX: Tri & Quad GPU Preview
Ars Technica reviews the NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT: Page 1
Intel, Microsoft, Uncle Sam sink big money into multicore - Cisco puts high-end silicon on the edge
AMD demos 45nm server and desktop processors - AMD ships 45-nm Shanghai, Deneb chips
AMD revisits Puma mobile technology, again | Nanotech: The Circuits Blog - CNET Blogs
What you need to know about Intel's Nehalem CPU: Page 1
AnandTech: Intel's Atom Architecture: The Journey Begins
Real World Technologies - Inside Nehalem: Intel's Future Processor and System
New breed of supercomputer could challenge Intel, AMD, IBM
AMD talks Shanghai performance, features, roadmap to 2010 - Researchers ready system to explore parallel computing - M'soft: Parallel programming model 10 years off - IBM launches water-cooled supercomputer
Real World Technologies - Performance Analysis Tools: A Look at the Intel VTune Performance Analyzer
Real World Technologies - Performance Analysis for Core 2 and K8: Part 1
Intel delays quad Itanium to boost platform memory capacity - Ars Technica
Intel debuts new Atom N280, GN40 chipset - Ars Technica
The week in hardware: It's all about the chips - Ars Technica
Intel's 2009 roadmap: full speed ahead to 32nm - Ars Technica
GOOD-AnandTech: Intel's 32nm Update: The Follow-on to Core i7 and More
AMD Istanbul Snoop Filter
AnandTech Bench (beta): SYSMark 2007 - Overall
Multi-threading reviewed | The Pervasive Datacenter - CNET News
IT @ AnandTech: The Best Server CPUs part 2: the Intel "Nehalem" Xeon X5570
Intel releases new CPUs and NICs with nested page tables and I/O virtualization |
Real World Technologies - Nehalem Performance Preview
IT @ AnandTech: AMD's Six-Core Opteron 2435
AnandTech: Memory Scaling on Core i7 - Is DDR3-1066 Really the Best Choice? - AMD rolls six-core server CPUs
They Might Be Profitable: AMD's six-core "Istanbul" reviewed - Ars Technica

POWER - Intel's next-gen mobile platform promises efficiency
Dual-core Xeons show thirst for power | | CNET - Via debuts low-power Eden processor
New Egenera blades get liquid cooling | CNET
Slashdot | AMD Ships Heavy Duty Cooling With Latest Processor
Curbing the CO2 that comes from PC use | CNET - ENIAC targets energy savings
AnandTech: Ultra High-End PSU Roundup
AnandTech: 400-450W PSU Roundup
AnandTech: Power Supply Roundup: 730W to 900W
Data centers eye power costs | CNET
Via launches 'carbon free' computing | CNET
Green tech powers forward | CNET
Electric slide for tech industry? | CNET
Intel pledges support for new Energy Star standards | CNET
Green tech powers forward | CNET
HP fires data center robot, hires cooling sensors | The Register
HP details plans for data center cooling | | CNET
App posted to cut PC power draw, help save planet | Reg Hardware
Dell sells premium energy-efficient servers | CNET
Green tech powers forward | CNET
Electric slide for tech industry? | CNET
Energy Star for efficient servers? | CNET
Huge Power Draws for Google, Yahoo, Sabey - Data Center Knowledge
EPA Tightens Up Power Specs For PCs (TreeHugger)
EPA Announces New Computer Efficiency Requirements | Newsroom | US EPA
Computer Specification : ENERGY STAR
Wireless power gets recharged | CNET
Photos: Inside Sun's Project Blackbox | CNET
Sun Blackbox, meet APC's whitebox | CNET
Wireless power sparks interest at CES
MIT develops model for wireless power
AnandTech: Value Cooling: Two Towers for under $30 - Liquid-cooling unit aimed for HP workstation - Cool it, say chip designers
Desktop CPU Power Survey, April 2006 |
ACM Queue - The Price of Performance: The question is not, "Can you afford to switch to multicore CPUs?" but rather, "Can you afford not to?"
U.S. servers slurp more power than Mississippi | CNET - Data center study finds soaring energy usage
U.S. servers slurp more power than Mississippi | CNET
IT titans hope to put data centers on energy diet | CNET - Tensilica powers up energy estimator for its processors
IBM sees green in environmental tech | CNET
AnandTech: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme: Is More Better?
HP touts energy-efficient PCs | CNET
Intel announces support for new Energy Star guidelines
IBM touts novel chip-cooling technique - again | Reg Hardware
Energy start-ups see IPOs ahead | CNET
IBM adds low-wattage x86 servers | CNET - Power Sources : Power-harvesting technology enters phase two - Nanogenerator harvests power from waves - Researchers apply energy harvesting to portable devices
40W from your desktop: wireless power gets more powerful
Study: Idiots may cause data-center apocalypse | The Register
Intel web tablet SoC to cut power consumption by 20x | Reg Hardware
IBM unveils energy efficiency plan | CNET
A green cell phone | Tech news blog - CNET - Synopsys, ARM define low-power methodology
Solar thermal energy making a comeback | CNET
Google, Intel target efficient PC power supplies | CNET - EPA plans Energy Star program for servers - Commentary: Determining the cost of power - Greenpeace says more electronic firms going green
Five dirty truths about clean technology | Perspectives | CNET
Personal investing in green-tech stocks: Where to begin? | Tech news blog - CNET
AMD vs. Intel: power efficiency in the server room rests on RAM
Power Plays: How power consumption will shape the future of computing: Page 1
AnandTech: Low Power Server CPU Shoot-out - Fully buffered DIMMs: memory's next move? - IBM 'gas gauge' monitors mainframe energy usage
Power Plays: How power consumption will shape the future of computing: Page 1
IBM aims to lighten the (energy) load at data centers | Green Tech - CNET
IBM and the resurrection of the mainframe | Outside the Lines - CNET
IBM solar cell trick brings future of green tech into focus - Efficient architectures move sources closer to loads - Going green with DDR3 memory
Real World Technologies - A Look at SPECpower - Intel researchers demo RF energy harvester - Solar cell startup taps infrared light
Demo panel previews new power monitoring initiatives | Webware - CNET
Citrix to play catch-up with VMware on Distributed Power Management |
Wasting energy? Tweet-a-Watt tattles on Twits | Crave - CNET
Google uncloaks once-secret server | Business Tech - CNET News
Go green: Energy-cutting apps for your PC | Green Tech - CNET News
Rackable’s New Servers Like It Hot
Google PowerMeter lands partners, preps for roll out » VentureBeat - Green-memory movement takes root
AlertMe takes in $13M for online energy management | VentureBeat
Microsoft leaps into home energy management game with Hohm | VentureBeat
Sacramento getting smart grid | Green Tech - CNET News - IBM brings back water cooling concepts
Water-cooled IBM supercomputer to heat buildings | Cutting Edge - CNET News

Cisco preps for virtualized 'Data Center 3.0' | The Register
New virtualization option coming to Sun servers | CNET
Intel and Vmware Expand Collaboration to Accelerate Adoption of Virtualization
Virtual Windows on a Mac coming to stores | CNET
OpenVZ virtualization heads to Power chips | CNET
VMware opens virtual-appliance marketplace | CNET
VMware opens Mac virtual machine tech to public | Reg Hardware
OpenVZ ported to Sun Niagara servers | CNET
New VMware beta runs on Windows Vista | | CNET
VMware shows off Apple 'Fusion' product | | CNET
VMware going public; EMC keeping control | | CNET
EMC to push VMware public, but still keep control | CNET
KVM steals virtualization spotlight | CNET
VMware fires broadside at Microsoft | CNET
VMware puts a virtual machine in your pocket
Virtuozzo gets IBM database nod | CNET
New XenEnterprise boosts virtual Windows | CNET
An alternative to going to camp. Previewing VMWare's Fusion | Reg Hardware
FAQ: Detangling virtualization | CNET
VMware IPO could raise $100 million | CNET
Gartner: virtualization to rule server room by 2010
Microsoft cuts Windows virtualization features | CNET
Parallels updates Windows-on-Mac software | CNET
VMWare offers Windows-on-Mac tool at half price | Reg Hardware
Parallels breathes sigh of relief after Jobs' talk | CNET
Sys Admin > v16, i15: Near-Native Virtualization Solutions for Linux -- VMware vs. Parallels
Will virtualization be Windows Server's silver bullet? | CNET
Microsoft's anti-virtualization stance: forget DRM, think Apple
Intel buys into VMware
Intel codifies VMware lust with $219m investment | The Register
VMware manages Lab Manager upgrade | The Register
Virtualization services market $11.7 billion by 2011 | Tech news blog - CNET
Microsoft promises VMware beater despite reversals | The Register
VMware gets multi-server config tool | The Register
VMware learns to measure itself | The Register
UPDATE 1-VMware says Cisco to buy $150 mln stake | Technology, Media & Telecommunications |
Cisco buys a hunk of VMware | The Register - VMware in road show to prep for IPO
Microsoft gives Linux a virtual hug | CNET
Photo: XenSource makes a debut | CNET
VMware Fusion beta for Macs goes public | CNET - Intel, Microsoft collaborating on virtualization technology
VMware previews paravirtualization | | CNET
Quad-core Opteron faster at virtualization, AMD says | CNET
IBM announces virtualization management tool | CNET
Sun packages Solaris and more in a free virtual machine | | CNET
Red Hat endorses KVM virtualization | CNET
Fedora and Ubuntu to incorporate Kernel-based virtualization
Windows-on-Mac software gets virtualization update | CNET
Dell plans virtualization-oriented server | CNET - Microsoft denies delays on Longhorn virtualization technology
Microsoft delays virtualization beta debut | CNET
SWsoft adds cheaper intro to virtualization | CNET
IBM taunts Sun, HP and VMware with $40 PowerVM hypervisor | The Register Benchmarks: VMware VMFS vs Raw Disk performance in SAN environments
AnandTech: Application Virtualization
Singularity: Microsoft's research OS available for download Cisco puts KVM in its IOS
AnandTech: VMworld Europe 2008 Coverage - Startups give virtualization a novel twist Intel to introduce new virtualization capabilities with six-core CPU Nehalem
AnandTech: Hardware Virtualization: the Nuts and Bolts
Why HP is different from IBM - CNET
IBM set to lock down virtual machines with PHANTOM The real value of ESX Server memory overcommit capability VMware to release Thinstall application virtualization in early H2 2008 Sun unveils the first screenshot of its upcoming xVM server Vizioncore opens vReplicator 2.5 beta program VMware VI 3.5 Update 1 wrong bits cause panic The new Linux kernel 2.6.25 introduces virtualization-friendly memory management Release: CiRBA Data Center Intelligence 4.6 Release: Sun VirtualBox 1.6 Ericom brings VDI to Oracle VM, for free Happy Birthday VMware! Rumor: EMC may sell VMware (to Intel)
VMware prepares to enter the cloud computing market |
Release: VMware VMmark 1.1 |
Is virtualization ready to go mobile? |
Live from VMworld 2008: Day 1 – VMware Keynote |
A quick look at VirtualBox 2.1 for Mac OS X - Ars Technica
Sensors central to Sentilla data center monitoring | Planetary Gear - CNET News
VMware releases Virtual Infrastructure Toolkit 1.5 |
Benchmarks: ESX vs XenServer vs Hyper-V for Terminal Services and VDI workloads |
A glimpse of the Cisco-VMware-EMC strategy emerge |
VMware launches an open source VDI client |
Into the cloud: a conversation with Russ Daniels, Part I - Ars Technica
Into the cloud: a conversation with Russ Daniels, Part II - Ars Technica
BreakingPoint offers a VMotion traffic simulator |
VMware to tackle vCenter availability with new Server Heartbeat
Specialization tests cloud computing SPI model | The Wisdom of Clouds - CNET News
IBM stakes its claim in the cloud with Cloud Labs | The Wisdom of Clouds - CNET News
Cisco may announce its blade system California next month |
Lanamark releases a Server Virtualization Design Module |
Citrix to release XenServer for free next week |
Live from VMworld Europe 2009: Day 1 |
Live from VMworld Europe 2009: Day 2 |
VMware moves vCenter to Linux | Business Tech - CNET News
VMware MVP: Windows and Android... on the same phone - Ars Technica
VMware kills another ecosystem with vCenter Server Heartbeat 1.0 |
How long before Citrix releases Essentials for VMware? |
VMware publishes the VMworld Europe 2009 sessions |
Cisco serves up Unified Computing push | Business Tech - CNET News
The good and bad of Cisco's UCS servers | Business Tech - CNET News
Cisco unveils its virtualization-friendly blade platform Unified Computing System |
Virtualization reaches the (NVIDIA) display card |
R&D: Accelerating VMs live migration by 4-10x and beyond |
Cisco discloses a little more about Unified Computing System |
IT @ AnandTech: Real-world virtualization benchmarking: the best server CPUs compared
IBM building 'green' data center at Syracuse | The Pervasive Datacenter - CNET News
How long before Amazon moves from Xen to XenServer on EC2? |
Why Cisco is using KVM and not just VMware |
Five things Cassatt taught us about cloud computing | The Wisdom of Clouds - CNET News – Free Software and Virtualization Community
VMware unveils its cloud OS | Business Tech - CNET News
IT @ AnandTech: VMware announces vSphere
Why a company prefers KVM to VMware and Citrix hypervisors |
Google fires back at VMware about virtualization for cloud computing |
VMware Orchestrator to come as a free vCenter 4.0 module |
Cisco releases a trial of Nexus 1000V |
Microsoft shows for the first time its App-V for Servers |
The future of virtualization: a view from the front lines - Ars Technica
Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 hits Release Candidate |
Citrix very near the beta of XenServer distributed virtual switch |
Release: Hyper9 Virtualization Manager Mobile 1.0 |
Release: Veeam Monitor 4.0 / Backup & Replicator 3.1 |
IBM releases new enterprise cloud portfolio | The Wisdom of Clouds - CNET News
Wind River brings a hypervisor to embedded systems | The Pervasive Datacenter - CNET News - Wind River introduces virtualization for multicore software
Release: Citrix XenServer 5.5 / Essentials 5.5 |
Oracle kills Virtual Iron brand, fires all employees but 10 |
VMware invests $5 million in Terremark |

semiconductor - Leakage takes priority at 65 nm
Intel Announces Chip Technology Breakthrough Using New Materials
Tech news blog - Is IBM using nanosoup for chip production? | CNET - NEC touts nanobridge, 45-nm feats at IEDM - FinFETs may never come in, IBM fellow claims
Intel, Qinetiq tout quantum well transistor breakthrough | The Register
Slashdot | Reduce Transistor Power Consumption - Hynix licenses Ovonyx' phase-change technology - Why Intel took the high-k leap
Intel aims for faster, cooler transistors | CNET - IBM-AMD, Intel describe 65-nm transistors - Japanese researchers unveil 3-D stack for chip integration - Soitec sales double on SOI wafer demand
Semiconductor Insights - 90nm: State-of-the-Art Logic Processes in 2004 - Power management company raises $25 million - AMD licenses Innovative Silicon's SOI memory - Soft errors low on SOI memory, claims startup - Strain not scale marks Intel process, says consultant
Intel 'on track' to debut 45nm CPUs in H2 07 | Reg Hardware
Intel First to Demonstrate Working 45nm Chips
Slashdot | Who Makes Custom Chips? - TI, MIT claim lowest voltage SRAM
Wired News: - Startup offers GaN-on-diamond wafers
Slashdot | A 1.2 Petabyte Hard Drive? - Thermoelectric company gets CIA fund backing
Will Germanium Frosting Keep Moore's Law alive? | | CNET - Intel paid $270 million for Micron's NAND flash - Reference Desk - Is chip growth cycle over?
Intel touts Flash-based PC boot booster | Reg Hardware
Firm pitches $2,800 64GB USB Flash disk | Reg Hardware
Coming soon: 1GB flash cards for $8 or less | | CNET
New way to marry processors, memory gains steam | | CNET
IBM gives chips a cooling rinse | CNET - DFM startup hits the ground running
Intel 65nm-to-45nm crossover coming in 2008 | Reg Hardware
AMD launches its 65-nanometer chips | CNET - AMD rolls first 65 nm CPUs, sees fast shift to 45 nm
Solar cell breaks efficiency record | CNET
The next notebook battery? Lithium polymer | CNET
Getting the silicon out of silicon panels | | CNET - Solar cell breakthrough claimed - True Circuits rolls out 65 nm analog IP - Analyst: Equity group is prepping bid for Intel, ST NOR flash businesses
IBM announces future Flash killer - IBM claims photonics speed record - QuickLogic provides power comparison resource package - Elpida rolls 70-nm DRAMs - AMD preps 300-mm fab in New York - Low-cost Verilog simulator debuts
Hitachi hails 'industry first' 1TB desktop hard drive | Reg Hardware - C-to-RTL compiler touts full-chip design
Intel's Flash cache module wins PCIe thumbs-up | Reg Hardware - HP claims FPGA breakthrough - Intel shows 45-nm processor
PCI Express turns 2.0 | CNET
Hewlett-Packard's FPGA research, and replacing transistors - Hardware generation method anticipates design reuse
Freescale links with IBM in chip development deal | CNET - Freescale joins IBM's 'fab club' - DLP pioneer tells how TI did it with mirrors - Memory chip is the size of a blood cell
Intel cranks up next-gen chip-to-chip play | Reg Hardware
AnandTech: Intel Demonstrates new 45nm Transistors and Conroe's Successor
Chip companies entering their metal period - page 2 | CNET - Intel tips high-k, metal gates for 45-nm
Intel 45nm CPUs to use metal gates, high-k dielectric | Reg Hardware
Real World Technologies - Intel's 45nm Surprise: High-k Dielectrics and Metal Gates - IBM and partners tip high-k, metal gates - Rambus to detail ultra low power I/O technology
IBM's 45nm riposte - ISSCC mulls next-gen fabs, ICs - Under the Hood: Intel has company at 65 nm - IBM drives road to denser CPU memory
IBM looking at new way to pass data to processor | | CNET - IBM's eDRAM helps AMD more than it hurts Intel - IBM, Intel in cache clash - IBM sees immersion at 22nm, pushes out EUV - IBM Zurich uses supercomputer to simulate hafnium gate material
UK researchers reveal room-temperature graphene transistor | Reg Hardware - PoE chip developer raises $10 million in Round B - Intel settles strained silicon litigation - Intel rolls low-cost RFID reader chip - Nvidia, TSMC roll 65-nm embedded DRAM - Intel to sample phase change memory in 1H 2007
Intel to sample PRAM this year (Updated)
Samsung ready with hybrid hard drive | | CNET
Intel outlines PRAM production plan | Reg Hardware - TI's CEO sees new chip drivers - Paper: Fix IC variability post-silicon - Samsung intros 64-gbyte solid-state flash drive - Spansion beats out Intel in handset flash memory - Spansion architecture drives down handset costs - New hot markets: sensors, actuators - Micro fuel cells poised for big growth in portables - Ziptronix demos 3D interconnect chip - Chip architects still chasing better connections - IBM uses 'racetrack' to advance memory storage
IBM connects chips for better bandwidth | CNET - Sony plans to sell ultra-thin OLED TVs this year - Intel to mass produce 128-Mbit phase-change memory - Micron rolls low-power DRAMs for data centers
Samsung adopts latest 3D chip stack tech | Reg Hardware - Samsung uses direct metal links in DRAM stack - Intel, Micron sample 50-nm NAND - Advances seen in high-k dielectrics
Tech news blog - SunPower leaps past expectations | CNET
Wave-power company sinks in IPO | CNET - DFM: just what doctor ordered - Micro fuel cells to hit mainstream in 2010 - Samsung begins production of 16-Gb flash
IBM puts vacuum spaces in chips | CNET - IBM fills 'airgap' to create faster chips
IBM's catches air, touts Top Ten list
BBC NEWS | Technology | Snowflakes promise faster chips - Vertical Circuits rolls 3-D stacking technology
Samsung and LG.Philips announce super-thin OLEDs
China Sunergy goes public as solar panels get cheaper | Tech news blog - CNET - Freescale in-car microprocessor aims for central role - Multiprocessing used to break EDA timing bottleneck
IBM alliance will take the fight with Intel down to 32nm - Automotive electronics, array of technical papers rev DAC
Solar power to go | Tech news blog - CNET - Big shakeup predicted in flash memory markets
Wireless USB gadgets trickle into marketplace | CNET - Applied enters high-k/metal-gate tool market
Apple to use 25 percent of the world's flash memory | Tech news blog - CNET
New transistor design may kick off race to 10GHz - IBM, partners in 32nm device surge - IBM's 'fab club' tips high-k at 32-nm - Memory goes multicore - World's darkest material comes to light - Engineers grapple with digital radio at ISSCC
Nanotubes debut as "last mile" interconnect in 1GHz chip - NEC fabs flexible nanotube transistors - IBM, Hitachi start joint chip research at 32nm and beyond - Siemens to use MRAM in touch screen HMI
Maintaining Moore's law with new memristor circuits
EMC CEO: Flash technology is revolutionizing storage - AMD rolls out 45nm chips, hybrid graphics - IBM 'racetrack' memory seeks to replace flash, disk drives
IBM Flash solid state technology and storage virtualization sets 1M IOps
Logic circuits that program themselves: memristors in action - Ars Technica - IBM Fellow: Moore's Law defunct - Power-over-Ethernet market sees growth

Is Microsoft's 'Singularity' the OS of the future? | Tech news blog - CNET
Sandia researchers to model nano-size battery to be implanted in eye to power artificial retina
Search for photos with your own sketch | | CNET
More on Google creating its own global network | | CNET
I can't drive 55...unless you do, too | | CNET
Drive 55, try to stay alive |
IBM Press room - 2006-02-28 IBM Signs Major Strategic Outsourcing Deal With Zorlu Group - United States
Sun pushes pervasive computing | CNET
Google Groups : comp.arch - Freescale, Motorola pull out of UWB Forum
ACCRC: Alameda County Computer Resource Center
PC World's Techlog - ABC Puts TV Shows Online For Free
The Long-Distance Journey of a Fast-Food Order - New York Times
Dummies Book Cover Generator/Maker 2006
Google unveils Web-based calendar app | CNET
Glide: An alternate view | | CNET
Release 1.0 / Fresh Produce / Big Apps Are Coming Back
10 'dumbest' (but rich) businesses | | CNET
Astronomers count Pluto out | CNET
Will solar-cell shortage end in 2008? | | CNET
EMC acquires Network Intelligence | CNET
EMC and Network Intelligence: What it Means. | | CNET
YouTube, what am I bid? | | CNET
Universities biased against women faculty, report says | | CNET
Facebook, a social site, has a suitor | CNET
Mark Cuban: Only a 'moron' would buy YouTube | CNET
Google to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion | | CNET
Visa halts its service for | CNET
Microbes could one day make airplanes safer | CNET
Mahir to Borat: I don't kiss you!!!!! | | CNET
Time magazine names YouTube 'Invention of the Year' | | CNET
[video] 'The Simpsons' on your mobile phone? | CNET
News Corp.: Entertainment going mobile | CNET
Intel eyes nanotubes for future chip designs | CNET
Study: Billions of dollars spent on security | CNET
Russia agrees to shut down | CNET
Cancer-detecting microchip in the works | | CNET - CMOS image sensors aim for true machine vision - Synthesis software takes Matlab to C
Hoop dreams meet wearable tech | | CNET
Testing DRM-free waters: EMI selling a few MP3s through Yahoo Music
Sun releases Looking Glass 1.0 interface | | CNET
Flexible electronic paper to be mass-produced in 2008
Skype on a cell phone | Crave : The gadget blog
New Google SketchUp released | | CNET
MIT-led study finds geothermal energy potential untapped | CNET
Gaming your way into better shape : Page 1
Fox subpoenas YouTube over "24," "Simpsons" episodes
Damaged brain eases urge to smoke? :
Reuters AlertNet - Mankind to blame for global warming say scientists
Branson launches shared stem cell bank | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited
The worst-kept secret arrives: IPCC summary released U.S. - Bubble memory gives way to bubble logic
InPhase begins shipping holographic storage | Reg Hardware
People's Daily Online -- Researchers find vulnerability site in AIDS virus
14 WFIE, The Tri-State's News Leader: Chain restaurants charged with promoting "X-treme Eating"
AT&T turns cell phones into TV remotes | CNET - NEC says could lose Nasdaq listing on late report
Blackout for YouTube in Turkey | | CNET - Biotech attracts HP to join lab
AMD unveils computer-lab design challenge | CNET - University spinoff gets funds for medical sensor in a pill
DARPA pulls funds for brain software project | | CNET
The crazy boss Hall of Fame | Perspectives | CNET
Opera releases 9.2 browser, adds "Speed Dial"
Tech news blog - A visualization aid for U.S. consumption | CNET - Google, Intel, and Microsoft fund robot 'recipes' - ZigBee 'fridge magnet' monitors energy usage
Doctors Change the Way They Think About Death - Newsweek Health - - News - U.S., China oppose climate report
Dance Dance Revolution hits the high school gym class
Student creates Counter-Strike map of school, gets kicked out of school - What's the greatest Web software ever written? - Vast region of Antarctica melted, refroze in 2005, says NASA
Not quite a breakthrough: Quantum computing takes baby step
Report: Google buying FeedBurner for $100 million | Tech news blog - CNET
Apple moans over sex toy ad | Reg Hardware
Sony debuts flexible TV screen | Tech news blog - CNET
Nuclear fusion firm draws $40 million from VCs | Tech news blog - CNET
AllofMP3 voucher operation shut down in Europe - RFID creates interactive experience at Singapore aquarium
What does CBS want with | CNET
Palm, New Device Out of Touch
PC World's Techlog Hey, Give Palm's Foleo a Chance! - IC firm promises wireless USB sets for $99 retail by year's end - IEEE meeting advances broadband over powerline specs
Could Google kill the cell phone industry? | Tech news blog - CNET
SF supes vote to ban plastic bags in stores
What's next for the bring-your-own-bag fad? | Tech news blog - CNET Live from VMworld Europe 2008: Day 1 Live from VMworld Europe 2008: Day 2 - Who got H-1B visas petitions approved last year?
Compared: Four online tax filing services | Webware - CNET
5 services to help you buy a house | Webware - CNET
Fannie Mae's Last Stand |
Reversal of Fortune |
The Reckoning - Behind Insurer’s Crisis, Blind Eye to a Web of Risk - Series -
A Reporter at Large: Anatomy of a Meltdown: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
What Happened With AIG...And What This Means For You - Laird
The Quiet Coup - The Atlantic (May 2009)
Honda thinks up mind-controlled robots | Crave - CNET
Robots posts - Planetary Gear - Page 2 - CNET News
San Francisco launches EcoMap, busts high-emission zip codes » VentureBeat
Customize PDFs online with these tools | Webware - CNET
Inventive online resources for inventors | Webware - CNET

Transmeta-Power Story [1999-2005]
Intel clones face tough market | CNET
Intel cloner vows $800 notebooks | CNET
Top secret chip less secret now | CNET
Secretive start-up Transmeta takes aim at Intel | CNET
Details emerging on secretive start-up Transmeta | CNET
Transmeta shoots for 700 MHz with new chip | CNET
The week in review: At last, Transmeta | CNET
2HRS2GO: Intel, Transmeta take turns in spotlight | CNET
Transmeta may file for public offering this year | CNET
Transmeta wins $88 million from AOL, others | CNET
THE DAY AHEAD: Gateway: Transmeta customer now, rich shareholder later | CNET
The week in review: Chip competition mounts | CNET
Major notebook players jump on Transmeta bandwagon | CNET
IBM to overhaul its ThinkPad line | CNET
Compaq teams with Quanta, contemplates Transmeta PCs | CNET
Transmeta running test chips in possible production expansion | CNET
Commentary: Upstart Transmeta tries to break the rules | CNET
Transmeta starts shipping its chip of choice | CNET
Transmeta files for IPO | CNET
Transmeta turns it on with new notebook deals | CNET
Fujitsu to release Transmeta notebooks in November | CNET
Transmeta debuts in Japan; U.S. release in three weeks | CNET
NEC is third manufacturer to release Transmeta notebook | CNET
Notebooks with Transmeta chip arrive in U.S. | CNET
IBM puts Transmeta plans on hold | CNET
Transmeta prices IPO | CNET
Transmeta soars up 115 percent in debut | CNET
Casio to adopt Transmeta for notebooks | CNET
Transmeta, Intel in a battle for notebooks | CNET
Transmeta power savings not great enough, IBM says | CNET
NEC to recall nearly 300 Transmeta-based notebooks | CNET
Sony won't recall Transmeta notebooks despite problems | CNET
Intel swings at Transmeta with new chips | CNET
Transmeta revs up power-saving efforts | CNET
Transmeta shares plunge as lockup expires | CNET
Sony chooses Transmeta again | CNET
Transmeta adds Sharp to Japanese allies | CNET
Intel powers down with new chips | CNET
Investors hammer Transmeta | CNET
Transmeta launches new chips | CNET
Next Crusoe chip bogged down in testing | CNET
Transmeta: Are the chips down? | CNET
Transmeta: Notebooks to rescue Crusoe | CNET
Transmeta to cut 200 as losses deepen | CNET
Intel's Banias: Not built for speed | CNET
Astro to propel Transmeta's comeback | CNET
High stakes for Transmeta's new chip | CNET
Transmeta shows the fine print on Efficeon | CNET
Transmeta's new chip takes a Sharp turn | CNET
Via to throw hat in 64-bit x86 chip ring | CNET
Transmeta mulls exit from processors | CNET
Sony will run with Transmeta's LongRun2 | CNET
Transmeta charts new course | CNET
Transmeta sells, licenses chips to Hong Kong outfit | CNET


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