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Below are some of the interesting news/web releases about the current state of research and products related to computer architectures, low-power, semiconductors, technology challenges and some miscallenea. Also a chronology of Cnet articles on the power-aware transmeta over years at the end.
Goes usually in chronological order for each topic.
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few projections
Big changes ahead for microprocessors | CNET [2001] article on the future of microprocessors: Power, interconnects, CMP, SMT, leakage...
ACM Queue - The Future of Microprocessors - The transition to chip multiprocessors is inevitable. Are you prepared to leverage their power? [2005] article by Kunle Olukotun and Lance Hammond: CMP, power, throughput computing/TLP, parallelizing threads (// programming) with much more acceptable communication costs for latency, transactional memory. Tiny benefits await via deeper pipes, ILP/scale-up.
AnandTech: Interview with AMD's Fred Weber - The Future of AMD Microprocessors [2005] article: More about single threaded performance/latency. Memory, helper threads, instr-n combining (Uop fusion of Pentium M)
IBM: Moore's Law not dead after all [2006] IBM's TC Chen, says Moore's law will go for ~10 more years at devices side at ISSCC. What does ITRS say?
Real World Technologies - A Historical Look at the VAX: The Economics of Microprocessors [Part I] [2006] John Mashey's compiled overview of processors economics and the relevant history.**
Turn Down the Heat ... Please - 7/7/2006 - Electronic News [2006] (Need Overview)
At IDF, Intel touts core competencies | CNET [2006] (Need Overview)
Chipmakers add up their advances | CNET [2006] (Need Overview)
'The world needs only five computers' | Newsmakers | CNET [2006] (Need Overview)

Intel's accidental revolution | CNET
IBM Press room - 2005-12-14 IBM Takes Next Step in Opening Power Architecture to Research and Education Community - United States - Intel's next-gen mobile platform promises efficiency
AMD vs. Intel: AMD Challenges Intel to a Dual-Core Duel - Via debuts chipset for own processor
Sun will be seeing double with Niagara II | The Register - Sun to open-source Niagara processor Verilog code
Itanium: A cautionary tale | CNET
Sun "opens" up Niagara
Sun makes Niagara an open-source chip | CNET
Sun unleashes Niagara servers | CNET
Happy Birthday to the single-chip | | CNET
Dual-core Xeons show thirst for power | | CNET
New Set of Servers Announced by Sun - New York Times
Intel® Pentium® D Processor Product Information
Cramming for your finals, Sun?
$100 laptop expected in late 2006 | CNET
Slashdot | Intel Dropping Pentium Brand
Slashdot | New iMac disassembled
Intel unwraps 65nm 'Presler', 'Cedar Mill' | The Register
Intel prices up 65nm dual, single-core 'Yonah' | The Register
'Sossaman' launches as 'low-voltage' Xeon DP | The Register
Intel confirms 'Core' branding | Channel Register
Intel Macs stay at non-Intel prices | Channel Register
Intel readies 65nm 'Yonah'-based Celeron M 4xx series | The Register
Intel 'Santa Rosa' Centrino to sport 800MHz FSB | The Register
Intel Core Duo T2700 to bring VT to Centrino? | The Register
Intel readies 65nm Celeron D CPUs | The Register
VIA ships 90nm Eden low-power processor | The Register
iMac 17" Core Duo : Page 1 - Via debuts low-power Eden processor
AMD's long-term microprocessor strategy
Intel scraps once-crucial Itanium feature | CNET
Intel answers Itanium mystery with riddle | The Register
Cell processor goes commando | The Register
New Egenera blades get liquid cooling | CNET
Slashdot | AMD Ships Heavy Duty Cooling With Latest Processor
Intel ships 1m 65nm dual-core chips | Reg Hardware
Sun switches back to blades in '06 | The Register
The Ars Technica Motherboard Guide: Part I — motherboard fundamentals : Page 1
AMD market share reaches 20 percent
IBM Power5+ launch coming next week | | CNET
Slashdot | The World's Fastest Image Processor
IBM goes networking and chip mad with new blade lineup | The Register
IBM bringing gaming chip to blade servers | CNET
SGI delisted, becomes penny stock | Channel Register
SGI warns that bankruptcy might be year-end option | Channel Register
Chips that really get under your skin | CNET
I.B.M. Unveils Server Line That Uses Game Chips - New York Times - ARM clockless core cuts power to about a third
Intel offers four-core trip to Clovertown | The Register
Intel shows off its quad core | CNET
Intel® Core™ Duo Delivered to Embedded Market
IBM Press room - 2006-02-14 IBM Shatters Computing Price Performance Barrier With New High Performance POWER5+(TM) Server - United States
AMD preps low-power desktop processors | Channel Register - IBM flexes Power4 as it ships Regatta servers - Five things you didn't know about dual-core MPUs
Linux boots on Sun's Niagara chip | CNET
Intel strikes back with next-generation chips | CNET
The week in Intel: Conroe, ultraportable plans for 2006
Transmeta still in it for the LongRun | | CNET
Transmeta still in it for the LongRun | | CNET - Transmeta signs long-term deal with Toshiba
Sun frowns on HyperTransport expansion | CNET - IBM debuts FPU for PowerPC
Sun says, 'No THX' to HTX | The Register
HP launching Montecito servers--without Montecito | CNET
Intel to tout new dual-core Xeon at IDF | CNET - Asynchronous designs bend theCLOCK - Virtual system prototypes ease design - AMD introduces Opteron dual-core processor
Partnership set to run RISC software on Intel chips | CNET - Intel taps Transitive for Itanium, Xeon boost
Intel spills beans on UMPC | Reg Hardware - AMD narrows dual-core Turion ship date
Intel and Vmware Expand Collaboration to Accelerate Adoption of Virtualization
Coming Sooner Than You Think: Intel Next-Generation Enterprise Platforms
Energy-Efficient, High Performing and Stylish Intel-Based Computers to Come with Intel® Core™ Microarchitecture - Intel tips new, revamped microarchitecture - Intel, Microsoft collaborating on virtualization technology
Intel demonstrates quad-core PC, server | CNET
Intel's new 'Core' could gore AMD | The Register - Intel discloses 'Santa Rosa' mobile platform
Intel puts on multi-core peep show | The Register
Intel plans low-voltage 'Woodcrest' server chip | CNET
Intel lines up Santa Rosa, WiMax for notebooks | CNET
New Intel quad-core chips are really double duo-cores | CNET
Intel covets Rosetta's cross-platform powers for Itanium
Why Intel doesn't include a memory controller on its chips | | CNET
Big Itanium change coming with 'Poulson' | CNET
Intel confirms H1 '07 next-gen Centrino debut | Reg Hardware
AnandTech: Spring IDF 2006 Conroe Preview: Intel Regains the Performance Crown
Intel and Transitive team on RISC gender bender | The Register
opensparc-t1: Download OpenSPARC T1
A Look at Centrino's Core: The Pentium M : Page 1
Into the Core: Intel's next-generation microarchitecture : Page 1
AMD to focus on Turion brand for 65nm mobile CPUs? | Reg Hardware
IBM, Rapport's Kilocore, and reconfigurable computing
Slashdot | ARM Offers First Clockless Processor Core
IBM bakes security into processors | CNET
Sun plans new thin client, Niagara update | | CNET
'Yonah' Celeron M 420, 430 ship in Japan | Reg Hardware
Sun sells second low-end 'Niagara' server | CNET
Run Windows and Your Mac Simultaneously - New York Times
Samsung prepares to ship first Origami PC
Virtual Windows on a Mac coming to stores | CNET
Montecito broadens Fujitsu Itanium line | CNET
Group Nears Record Deal for Chip Maker - New York Times
Mac sales up 12 percent as Apple profits soar | CNET
Intel quad-core chips arriving in 2006 | CNET
Intel launches major reorganization | CNET
The Gap chairman leaving Sun board | CNET
Merom crashing Intel's Core 2 Duo launch event | CNET
AMD whacks processor prices | | CNET
AMD to shell out $5.4 billion for ATI | CNET
IBM boosts high-end Unix servers | CNET
AMD unleashes next-generation Opteron chips | CNET
Intel shows off new 'Tulsa' Xeon | CNET
Dell, AMD expected to expand chip pact | CNET
Intel readies 'Tulsa' Xeon debut | CNET
Sun recoups server market share | CNET - Chip, heal thyself
Intel to complete Core 2 Duo launch on Monday | | CNET
Intel expected to cut thousands of jobs | CNET
AnandTech: NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 (G80): GPUs Re-architected for DirectX 10
Sun's plan for open-source chips bears fruit | CNET
VMware previews paravirtualization | | CNET
EMC acquires Network Intelligence | CNET
AMD's CTO says Intel messed up | Newsmakers | CNET
Intel to sell new Itanium servers | CNET
Intel to extend x86 for new tasks | CNET
Processor, memory may marry in future computers | CNET
Intel's next-gen notebooks to feature Nokia chip | CNET
Intel opens up chip connections | CNET
Intel wants to offer servers in your size | CNET
IBM's Power6 gets help with math, multimedia | CNET
Photo: AMD's 'Barcelona' processor | CNET
Quad-core Opteron faster at virtualization, AMD says | CNET
Sun, Fujitsu promise Sparc speed surge | CNET
Intel pounds a new nail in chip-frequency coffin | | CNET
OpenVZ virtualization heads to Power chips | CNET
Intel, HP to unveil quad-core chips | | CNET
Sun to unveil data center in a box | CNET
Photos: Inside Sun's Project Blackbox | CNET
New virtualization option coming to Sun servers | CNET
SGI exits bankruptcy protection | CNET
NEC announces new vector supercomputer | CNET
HP regains spot as No. 1 PC maker worldwide | CNET
Transitive hires marketing VP | CNET
Intel shows off sweet 16 server | CNET
Dell debuts first two AMD servers | CNET
AMD folds in ATI for graphics future | CNET
Intel's quad-core chip powerful but pricey | CNET
IBM announces virtualization management tool | CNET
Dell slips out another AMD notebook | | CNET
VMware opens virtual-appliance marketplace | CNET
IBM to release quad-core Intel servers | CNET
Cray to introduce new Opteron supercomputer | CNET
A $100 laptop prototype for $150 | CNET
Nvidia rolls out speedy 3D graphics hardware | CNET
When 'good enough' graphics won't do | Newsmakers | CNET
Sun knocked out of DARPA supercomputer project | CNET
Welcome to [ Article: NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 (G80): GPUs Re-architected for DirectX 10]
AnandTech: NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 (G80): GPUs Re-architected for DirectX 10
AnandTech: Introducing the Radeon X1650 XT: A New Mainstream GPU from ATI
AnandTech: Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX6700: The Multi-core Era Begins
AMD's 65nm dual-core Athlons to debut 5 December? | Reg Hardware
AMD 'R600' DirectX 10 GPU spied on web | Reg Hardware
Intel samples 45nm 'Penryn' | Reg Hardware
AMD Quad FX debuts in Japanese four-GPU PC | Reg Hardware
AnandTech: AMD's Quad FX: Technically Quad Core
AMD blasts off Quad for PC DIYers | CNET
AMD demonstrates its quad-core server chip | | CNET - Graphics chip giant looks beyond the desktop - Nvidia pushes out graphics IC for iPod - AMD leapfrogs Intel with quad-core server MPU - Ericsson, Intel collaborate to push mobile broadband
AMD's QuadFX (a.k.a. 4x4) disappoints
Marvell ships Intel's gigahertz-capable XScale CPU | Reg Hardware
AMD demos four-core Opteron | Reg Hardware
Nvidia warned off releasing integrated Intel chipsets early | Reg Hardware
Sun packages Solaris and more in a free virtual machine | | CNET
Sun: Niagara sequel more power-efficient | CNET - Tensilica rolls 'drop-in' video processor engines - Qualcomm aims to rival Intel in laptop connectivity
Intel demos integrated WiMAX chip
AMD moves to 65nm
A quick look at AMD's quad-core Barcelona
AMD Unveils Barcelona Quad-Core Details
AMD quad-core Barcelona laid bare
K8L Architecture on the 65nm SOI Process Technology in Quad-Core Processors Already in Q2 2007?

POWER - Intel's next-gen mobile platform promises efficiency
Dual-core Xeons show thirst for power | | CNET - Via debuts low-power Eden processor
New Egenera blades get liquid cooling | CNET
Slashdot | AMD Ships Heavy Duty Cooling With Latest Processor
Curbing the CO2 that comes from PC use | CNET
Data centers eye power costs | CNET
Via launches 'carbon free' computing | CNET
Green tech powers forward | CNET
Electric slide for tech industry? | CNET
Intel pledges support for new Energy Star standards | CNET
Green tech powers forward | CNET
HP fires data center robot, hires cooling sensors | The Register
HP details plans for data center cooling | | CNET
App posted to cut PC power draw, help save planet | Reg Hardware
Dell sells premium energy-efficient servers | CNET
Green tech powers forward | CNET

semiconductor - Leakage takes priority at 65 nm
Intel Announces Chip Technology Breakthrough Using New Materials - NEC touts nanobridge, 45-nm feats at IEDM - FinFETs may never come in, IBM fellow claims
Intel, Qinetiq tout quantum well transistor breakthrough | The Register
Slashdot | Reduce Transistor Power Consumption
Intel aims for faster, cooler transistors | CNET - IBM-AMD, Intel describe 65-nm transistors - Japanese researchers unveil 3-D stack for chip integration - Soitec sales double on SOI wafer demand
Semiconductor Insights - 90nm: State-of-the-Art Logic Processes in 2004 - Power management company raises $25 million - AMD licenses Innovative Silicon's SOI memory - Soft errors low on SOI memory, claims startup - Strain not scale marks Intel process, says consultant
Intel 'on track' to debut 45nm CPUs in H2 07 | Reg Hardware
Intel First to Demonstrate Working 45nm Chips
Slashdot | Who Makes Custom Chips? - TI, MIT claim lowest voltage SRAM
Wired News: - Startup offers GaN-on-diamond wafers
Slashdot | A 1.2 Petabyte Hard Drive? - Thermoelectric company gets CIA fund backing
Will Germanium Frosting Keep Moore's Law alive? | | CNET - Intel paid $270 million for Micron's NAND flash - Reference Desk - Is chip growth cycle over?
Intel touts Flash-based PC boot booster | Reg Hardware
Firm pitches $2,800 64GB USB Flash disk | Reg Hardware
Coming soon: 1GB flash cards for $8 or less | | CNET
New way to marry processors, memory gains steam | | CNET
IBM gives chips a cooling rinse | CNET - DFM startup hits the ground running
Intel 65nm-to-45nm crossover coming in 2008 | Reg Hardware
AMD launches its 65-nanometer chips | CNET - AMD rolls first 65 nm CPUs, sees fast shift to 45 nm
Solar cell breaks efficiency record | CNET
The next notebook battery? Lithium polymer | CNET
Getting the silicon out of silicon panels | | CNET - Solar cell breakthrough claimed - True Circuits rolls out 65 nm analog IP - Analyst: Equity group is prepping bid for Intel, ST NOR flash businesses

Sandia researchers to model nano-size battery to be implanted in eye to power artificial retina
Search for photos with your own sketch | | CNET
More on Google creating its own global network | | CNET
I can't drive 55...unless you do, too | | CNET
Drive 55, try to stay alive |
IBM Press room - 2006-02-28 IBM Signs Major Strategic Outsourcing Deal With Zorlu Group - United States
Sun pushes pervasive computing | CNET
Google Groups : comp.arch

Transmeta-Power Story [1999-2005]
Intel clones face tough market | CNET
Intel cloner vows $800 notebooks | CNET
Top secret chip less secret now | CNET
Secretive start-up Transmeta takes aim at Intel | CNET
Details emerging on secretive start-up Transmeta | CNET
Transmeta shoots for 700 MHz with new chip | CNET
The week in review: At last, Transmeta | CNET
2HRS2GO: Intel, Transmeta take turns in spotlight | CNET
Transmeta may file for public offering this year | CNET
Transmeta wins $88 million from AOL, others | CNET
THE DAY AHEAD: Gateway: Transmeta customer now, rich shareholder later | CNET
The week in review: Chip competition mounts | CNET
Major notebook players jump on Transmeta bandwagon | CNET
IBM to overhaul its ThinkPad line | CNET
Compaq teams with Quanta, contemplates Transmeta PCs | CNET
Transmeta running test chips in possible production expansion | CNET
Commentary: Upstart Transmeta tries to break the rules | CNET
Transmeta starts shipping its chip of choice | CNET
Transmeta files for IPO | CNET
Transmeta turns it on with new notebook deals | CNET
Fujitsu to release Transmeta notebooks in November | CNET
Transmeta debuts in Japan; U.S. release in three weeks | CNET
NEC is third manufacturer to release Transmeta notebook | CNET
Notebooks with Transmeta chip arrive in U.S. | CNET
IBM puts Transmeta plans on hold | CNET
Transmeta prices IPO | CNET
Transmeta soars up 115 percent in debut | CNET
Casio to adopt Transmeta for notebooks | CNET
Transmeta, Intel in a battle for notebooks | CNET
Transmeta power savings not great enough, IBM says | CNET
NEC to recall nearly 300 Transmeta-based notebooks | CNET
Sony won't recall Transmeta notebooks despite problems | CNET
Intel swings at Transmeta with new chips | CNET
Transmeta revs up power-saving efforts | CNET
Transmeta shares plunge as lockup expires | CNET
Sony chooses Transmeta again | CNET
Transmeta adds Sharp to Japanese allies | CNET
Intel powers down with new chips | CNET
Investors hammer Transmeta | CNET
Transmeta launches new chips | CNET
Next Crusoe chip bogged down in testing | CNET
Transmeta: Are the chips down? | CNET
Transmeta: Notebooks to rescue Crusoe | CNET
Transmeta to cut 200 as losses deepen | CNET
Intel's Banias: Not built for speed | CNET
Astro to propel Transmeta's comeback | CNET
High stakes for Transmeta's new chip | CNET
Transmeta shows the fine print on Efficeon | CNET
Transmeta's new chip takes a Sharp turn | CNET
Via to throw hat in 64-bit x86 chip ring | CNET
Transmeta mulls exit from processors | CNET
Sony will run with Transmeta's LongRun2 | CNET
Transmeta charts new course | CNET
Transmeta sells, licenses chips to Hong Kong outfit | CNET


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