Presentations & Posters:

I am not maintaining this page anymore. Please see the publications page for talks as well.

The conference talks, Princeton Research Seminar, Westminster MSc defense, ViceVersa talks, couple of other princeton projects and some miscallenous non-research stuff.

Micro Talk #1 [Dec 2006]
Micro Talk #2 [Dec 2006]
SRC Student Symposium talk [Oct 2006]
My student poster for SRC meeting [Feb 2006]

HPCA-12 talk & additional slides [14 Feb 2006]
(Again, I was presenting on valentines day:)

IISWC 2005 talk and extras [Oct 2005]
Performance counter workshop talk in HPCA-11 [14 Feb 2005]
Micro-36 talk [Dec 2003]
WWC-6 talk [Oct 2003]
My Princeton research seminar for oral generals that we take at the end of 2nd year [May 2003]
My MSc defence talk in Westminster in London. One of the slides is sideways as i had to use transparancies. [Nov 2002]
2nd ViceVersa talk with phase analysis focus. Also has some notes for our unfinished work on virtual memory power management experiments. [Apr 2005]
1st Viceversa talk, when i was doing power & thermal estimation and was thinking about phase analysis on real systems [Jul 2003]
Our predicated superscalar design project with Zhenghong in our computer architecture project. [2002]
My MacroNET, a lighweight node architecture for deformable platforms (like a foldable interactive map), project with Professor Peh for Interconnection networks course. [2003]
Presentation for hardware architecture for interconnection networks course [2003]
Our quorum sensing project with Hide for cellular and biochemical computing course. [2002]
Our neural nets and computation presentation with Hide. The odour matching problem in this still resembles a lot to the phase characterization problem in applications. Similar to evaluating the similarity between BBV or PMC vectors. I never explored this though. [2002]
Presenation for the paper "Complexity Effective Superscalar Processors", by Palacharla, Jouppi & Smith (ISCA'97) in advanced computer architecture course. [2002]



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