Group Project for ELE 580U/ COS 598U, Spring 2002 at Princeton University, by Professor Perry R. Cook:

Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering/Computer Science: Ubiquitous/Pervasive Information Systems

Project Title:

Power Optimizations in 802.11 Wireless Networks (Subject to change)

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Group Members:
Canturk Isci, First Year Graduate Student in ELE/CE
Vassos Soteriou, First Year Graduate Student in ELE/CE
Project Supervisors:
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-how to peer2peer

*Real power measurements done

*Adhoc measurements completed

*ADhoc measurements

*Ad hoc connection

* Software / installation

* Access point done

* Received the Orinoco and Aironet Wireless Ethernet Cards - April 5

* Proposal posted, main page included - March 31

* ...


Project Web Page

  Project description and a hopefully not so optimistic workplan