This page includes some of the useful things that I've gathered over the web and some of my notes. I don't own most of them, yet here I provide a listing of what they are good for. The general property they share is being concise and pretty basic.

(Need to organize these into technical/researchy/apps/tools/etc)

  1. How to password authenticate your web site:
    Describes how to use the usual .htpasswd stuff
  2. Brief html tutorial:
    About tags, etc. It comes handy when to add sound, images, MS based data with your webmail or posting sth. to blackboard.
  3. Simple awk tutorial:
    Mostly I use for shell scripts for i.e. batch simulations. to parse filenames etc
  4. Basic Unix description:
    Useful for intro to unix..
  5. Smtp tutorial:
    One page description of smtp
  6. C in 21 days:
    Never tried myself
  7. GNU C library
    To look up functions etc
  8. Serial Programming
    Helped me a lot to figure how to handle serial port in Linux
  9. Matlab functions
    To help with Matlab
  10. Linux cross reference
    To look at linux sources
  11. LKM howto
    Learn to write modules


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